Here Comes the Fat Fuzz!

Damn you Mike Griffeath! All sarcasm aside now though, I do really like Mike and I know we have the same views on the BMI scale and I’m glad he tossed the following up on facebook. This is some scary crap for so many reasons my mind just flipped out.

States receiving federal grants provided for in the bill would be required to annually track the Body Mass Index of all children ages 2 through 18. The grant-receiving states would be required to mandate that all health care providers in the state determine the Body Mass Index of all their patients in the 2-to-18 age bracket and then report that information to the state government. The state government, in turn, would be required to report the information to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for analysis.

This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a long time. BMI is not an accurate measure of fat content. In high school my BMI had me overweight through the roof. I swam 5 days a week, 3.5 hours a day, plus weight lifting and I was “severely overweight”. I was extremely active, didn’t sit around, eat junk and do nothing. I know I’m not the only one with this view on BMI and current methods to measure “fat content”. What I find most scary though is that this can easily be manipulated to take someone’s child away from them. It is extremely disconcerting because it totally violates the Jews in the Attic test. Your child will be required to be reported to the state; even if the only reason he is there is an emergency. I hope that anyone who helps the state or complies with the law realizes that I along with many others will consider them to be the equivalent of the Nazi Gestapo. The number one best way to make a man extremely dangerous and hostile is to mess with his family, and the government is now finding ways to take your children from you. BMI just makes an excellent excuse. You’re teaching your kid firearms usage… oh his BMI says he’s fat, we’re taking your kid you horrible parent.

With the fat ass Michelle Obama has, it’s not as if she has room to talk either.

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