Update: Suppressor Laws In Washington–HB 1016-2011-12

As I posted earlier an attempt is being made to change the suppressor laws in Washington again.

This morning I got an email from Rep. Joe Schmick regarding it’s status. The part of the email we all care about is:

The bill did have a hearing and already was voted out of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. It passed 12-0 out of committee.

It’s nice to see it made it out of the Judiciary Committee unanimously, hopefully it will move easily through the rest of the process.

Update(1/17/2011):It has been passed to the rules committee to decide on a second reading.

Here’s a list of the Rules Committee:

Update (1/30/2011): Found an article in the Kitsap Sun.

What I really liked seeing though was (emphasis mine):

No one spoke against legalizing the use of suppressors and a half-dozen supported their use at a Wednesday hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, is one of the Senate bill’s four sponsors.

Update (2/7/2011):The bill just passed the house.

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