Earlier last week an incident was reported from the Peoples Republik of Massachusetts.  Shortly after the Gifford’s shooting an individual posted the following comment on his blog, “1 down and 534 to go”.

Personally I find this comment extremely distasteful and not the best way to attract positive attention.  That said however, he has every right to say it.  I am in no way supporting what he said, but I am stating he had every right to say it.  Without interference from the government.

Just because someone states something you dislike or do not agree with does not provide cause or reason to infringe on their rights.  In this case the police used someone’s statements, that are protected by the first amendment, to revoke the person’s second amendment rights.  Anyone who does not see this attack for what it is, or is standing on the sidelines because of what he said, it is your rights being attacked just the same.

Why can someone create a movie about the assassination of the president, but to make a comment such as this is wrong?

I am sure that on my site, I have written things that some may find to be inflammatory or threatening.  For this reason, I am TJIC.  I don’t like what he said, but I will fight for his right to say it.

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