Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman (01/30/2011)

“The same sort of thing happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany.  Each little infringement it was always just a little bit easier to do what they wanted rather than what they should have done.  It is easier to comply and get through this, this indignity, this infringement, this beating, whatever it was, than to face the consequences of taking the big step.“ –Joe Huffman on BB & Guns.

[This was said while discussing the TSA and their behavior towards law abiding citizens. 

Joe is right,  the problem is most people can not take the risk to fight back.  It is easier to just walk through the line, than to fight back.  When you fight back, you will probably win in the end, but it also will cost you time, money, and possibly even your job.  People comply with the TSA out of fear, and that is terrorism.  The terrorists from overseas have been replaced by people from the government using the claim of necessityNow that government is doing all it can to make sure it has a monopoly over airport screenings to continue their reign of terror.  Remember, it will only get worse, and we have seen these tiny encroachments in history before.   -B]

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