5 Stages of Grief, Economic Twist

Lately there has been a lot of yelling that the country isn’t broke. This morning it became apparent to me that the country is going through the stages of grief with regards to the economy.

  1. Denial, Denial is pretending the problem doesn’t exist or cannot be seen. Many are currently doing that, ignoring how bad the financial situation really is.
  2. Anger, Anger has been expressed over and over by both people who are still in stage one, as well as people in stage 3.
  3. Bargaining, People on both sides of the isle are trying to bargain their way out of the inevitable truth. There is no money to borrow to fix this. It’s going to take sweat blood and tears.
  4. Depression, Often this stage and the next are rolled together. It’s questions like Joe’s that get asked when you realize bargaining is no longer useful and the depression of the truth sinks in.
  5. Acceptance, You realize this is going to hurt, there is nothing that can be done, but it’s better to take your licks now than let it grow and hurt more later.

The sooner you realize the gravity of the situation, the better. That’s steps 4 and 5 folks, steps 1-3 are merely trying to prolong the inevitable. In order to be able to survive this, cuts are going to have to be made and people are going to have to accept that. Is it going to hurt, yes, but some times in order to get better you have to go through some pain.

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