TSA Doesn’t Want to Appear Before Congress

The TSA backed out of a congressional hearing regarding the use of their full-body scanners today.

“It is customary for federal government witnesses to appear on government-only panels in order to allow for a thoughtful, direct and frank conversation between the witnesses and the committee members,” said spokeswoman Kristin Lee. “TSA would welcome the opportunity to have the agency officials testify in a forum that does not seat agency officials with opposing litigants.”

In other words, testimony to the government panel, should only consist of government shills, and no one who would present the opposing argument against a government agencies stance should be present.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven and hopefully those on the committee will see this action for exactly what it is. The agency has been willfully negligent, conspired to violate the law, and should be dealt with as the venomous snake they are. Their refusal to show up is nothing more than an excuse and a poor one at that. May congress roll down upon them like a ton of bricks.

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