A Most Excellent Dinner

The wife informed me last night that steak was on the menu but neither of us were sure exactly what kind of steak we wanted.  To the freezer we went, where I promptly grabbed a package of T-Bones and I then began the process of cleaning the grill  from it’s winter slumber.

After some scrubbing, cleaning, and a new coat of seasoning onto the cast iron we were ready.  Here’s the result:


The steak was a wonderful medium rare, the asparagus and carrots were excellent.  It helps they were pan fried using bacon fat instead of butter along with a couple fresh cloves of garlic.  The dry rub combined with a mix BBQ sauce basting towards the end kept it juicy.  You can definitely tell the cow was grass fed instead of grain fed when you bite in.  The Spumante was great, sadly the sulfites started to get the wife at the end because she liked it as well.

It was a great way to kick off the beginning of the grilling season again.  Sadly the weather switched back to cold and overcast.  I’ve decided to risk it and am now taking the snow blower off the tractor and putting the mower deck back on.

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