Springtime on the Palouse

So it’s 10 days to the start of Boomershoot, for staff anyway, and hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come.  Yes it can be a great wind indicator, I will shoot rain, shine, tidal wave, whatever.  I just do prefer to be comfortable at least one day of the shoot, mainly the day of.  I’ll take cold and wet Friday and Saturday.DSC_6402_tonemapped

Yes that is snow sticking to everything but the concrete, which it started to later.  I must say that’s a really neat HDR shot since it turned the snow above black and the snow below white.  Now for the proof that it is actually spring on the Palouse.


Still Don’t believe me, here’s another.


Here’s the storm as it left, blue sky came in behind and the temperature dropped extremely quickly.  How quickly, 6 degrees in 40 minutes. 


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