Day Off

So I spent this morning working on cleaning up stuff around the house while trying to come up with a blog post.  I couldn’t come up with a clear cut train of thought.  My brain kept coming back around to the ATF and Operation Fast and Furious.

For those who have been under a rock since last December, here’s Friday’s daily feature from Say Uncle on the subject.  I have previously touched on it in passing and the amount of rage it fills me with is beyond measure.  It is that rage as to why I’m not going to really post on anything else today.  That rage was peaked again last night by Linoge with his posting of an internal ATF letter.  That letter proves that my gut instinct regarding this incident has been correct from the beginning.  The ATF coerced dealers into breaking the law and in turn the ATF uses that as evidence for further restrictions, powers, and regulations the ATF will be responsible for enforcing.

Instead I’m playing with some toy’s I got and trying to figure out a project to make use of them. 

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