Quote of the Day–Law Dog (07/22/2011)

Burger King is hiring. Do yourself a favour; do your department a favour; and do the rest of us a favour — find a job doing something else … before you cripple or maim an innocent "putting lumps" on them, or you "put ten rounds" into someone who doesn’t need killing.

You complete, utter and total jackass.

LawDogWhat The Hell…?

[For those who haven’t seen the video, here it is: (Language makes it NSFW, if you do make sure you have headphones on.)

Normally I would have a nice long commentary of my thoughts on the subject, but I just am too severely enraged by the incident.  Seriously the thick necked Neanderthal of an idiot is nothing more than a high school bully who then went and got a badge and a gun.  This man should not be in law enforcement, he is not there to protect and serve, he is there to harass and intimidate.  May the legal system he supposedly represented come down upon him like a ton of bricks.  Then may an individual who ended up in jail because of him make that officer his bitch.


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