SSCC #14–Elk Grove Police

An Elk Grove police officer acted lawfully in January when he fired his AR-15 rifle at a handcuffed suspect, seated in the back of a patrol car, who officers thought may still have been armed, according to Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully.

No weapon was found on then-32-year-old John Hesselbein when officers searched him for the second time after the shooting.

Because nothing screams lawful use of deadly force like shooting someone with rifle while handcuffed in the back of a police car.  Later in the article we see the real reason this individual was absolved from criminal liability as a member of the state, the section of the DA’s office responsible for investigating criminal liability of government employee’s was disbanded.  It’s much easier to just clear him of liability than actually investigate and prosecute.  It’s also much easier to cover up a ND as a justified shoot.  Cause if it’s an ND, then the department can be held liable.  It’s a win win for the state.

Also why grab your rifle if he’s handcuffed in your squad car and you suddenly feel threatened?  Seems like a prime example of a moment for a TASER.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 14

Because the police have every right to shoot you while you’re handcuffed in the back of a police car.

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