Concealed Carrier for the Win

Shooting went down in Skyway Washington tonight.  A passing concealed carrier detained the individual and ceased the hostile activities while waiting for police.  The whole incident was over before the police were even aware it was going down.

We’re told a citizen who was driving by the scene was able to apprehend the suspect.  Sgt. John Urqhart of the King County Sheriff’s Office tells us that the citizen was legally carrying a concealed weapon as well as handcuffs and was in those handcuffs until police arrived.

The “victim” in the shooting will probably survive, most definitely thanks to the actions of this individual.  Current suspicion is this was a dispute over drugs, so it was goblin versus goblin violence that was stopped by a law abiding citizen.

While the Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction movement would prefer that citizen be disarmed, to be at the mercy of the criminal, as well as to leave the victim to die.  Which makes sense because he wronged another criminal right?  Obviously they have to side with one of them, in this case they wanted to make sure the victim criminal was killed.

Carry your guns, you never know when something might go down.

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