Sign of the Times

A Tennessee doctor who lost his right hand serving in Afghanistan says a bag containing three of his prosthetic hands was stolen out of his car over the weekend.

Seriously, what kind of low life scumbag does it take to say, hey lets steal this guys prosthetic limb?  It’s not as if there is any scrap value to the items.  The thief can’t exactly use them for their own missing limb as they’re custom fitted to the primary user.  How fitted I hear you ask, my father in law gets a new leg about every 12-18 months.  The norm is about 3-5 years, however weight changes, activity, and changes to muscling cause fit issues.  Due to his job, as well as external activity level, those things fluctuate grossly.

I don’t normally do the wishing violence or harm to people, but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for that theft.  The only “benefit” is the thief can get his rocks off knowing he stole the tools someone uses to help them function in the world.  So on that note I hope that the individual responsible ends up getting his nuts caught in a meat grinder.  If you see someone with a bunch of prosthetics that obviously aren’t theirs, kick them in the nuts for Mr. McConnell.

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