Lemonade Freedom Day 2011

In the small little hick town I live in, we don’t have problems like they do in DC.  The little town and a town wide flea-market and my buddy who lives down the street had his kids set up a lemonade stand in the front yard.

Earlier in the week I had informed him the timing was perfect since it coincided with Lemonade Freedom Day

Here was the sign put down the street from the stand.


Then about 10 feet before the stand was another one advertising just the lemonade and cookies.


I was hoping the local cop would swing by and buy some but I didn’t see him all day which makes me think he was working dispatch since all the college students were coming back into Pullman this weekend.  We did however have another sheriff and a convoy of oversized loads with a state patrol escort drive by.  In every case the officers waved at the kids.


The oversized loads surprised us and I didn’t get pictures of the escort, and I didn’t think to grab pictures of the officers waving as they went by.  Go figure.

The kids got decent traffic, however with the town being as small as it is, there were 4 other stands along the highway evidently.  DSC_0341


I had no doubt that our day was going to remain uneventful, but sadly I am by no means surprised that a bunch of bored jackboots with nothing better to do went and arrested children for selling lemonade.

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