SSCC #38–Nashville TN

The investigation conducted by the state Comptroller’s Division of County Audit, which also found that District Attorney General Hansel McCadams and Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew liked to drive around in a seized BMW Z-3 on personal business. Auditors found that items seized from drug defendants were stolen or misused, with the administrative assistant and her ex-husband admitting to taking drugs, utility trailers, and a flat-screen television from the task force. Auditors also found that jail trustees had access to seized items and were not adequately supervised.

Awesome, what a way to get that new beamer you always wanted.  As for you crack addicts out there, the lesson is become a cop.  That way you can bust your dealer and smoke his stash.

Overall there were so many failures in this “Drug Task Force” that one must wonder how they ever got anything done.  It was a revolving door operation allowing people to take what ever seized property they wanted.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 38

Because when you work for the state and want someone else’s stuff, you just have to seize it.  Then you just divvy the loot amongst you and your fellow state workers.

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