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When the judge dismissed the criminal charges against Maryanne Godboldo – he called the child removal order that sparked the case unconstitutional. As the Action News Investigators first showed you – the order to remove Godboldo’s child from her home was never actually reviewed by a judge.

This process is called rubber-stamping – where probation officers – NOT judges — are literally stamping a judge’s signature onto the orders used to take children away from their parents. That means in Wayne County — a judge is not looking at the evidence in a case before a child is removed – and court experts say that’s illegal – and it has got to stop.

Judge didn’t sign the warrant.  Mother was acting in the best interests of her child when the medication worsened her child’s condition.  The order for the removal of the child was contradictory.  The list continues but you get the point.

Ultimately the whole thing was illegal, yet not a single individual involved in the attack against Mrs. Godboldo will be held accountable.  The lack of accountability is a problem.  Even bigger though is I don’t see how to easily change it.  It’s not as if our masters are going to vote to sacrifice their own immunity.  It is up to the people to hold them accountable and obviously voting the bastards out isn’t enough always.  Other remaining options are not exactly legal, however would be quite effective in making sure it never happened again.

My hope is that one day, the men responsible for crimes such is that will be held accountable for their actions.  Whether it be by tar and feathers, tree and rope, or just run out of town on a rail, they must pay for what they have done to their countrymen.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 52

Because working for CPS automatically makes you more capable at determining what’s best for someone’s child.  As such you should use a swat team to take them away with forged papers.

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