SSCC #74–Umatilla County DA

A former district attorney twice sexually assaulted his secretary and threatened to get her fired if she told anyone, the secretary claims in Federal Court.

The next day, he forced her to "engage in sexual acts against her will under threat of physical force and retribution in the workplace," according to the complaint. Over the next eight months, the district attorney subjected the woman to physical, sexual and emotional abuse that "altered the terms of her employment," the lawsuit states.

Just to prove it’s not just total hot air:

At the conclusion of the investigation, the state attorney general "admitted that Defendant Gushwa engaged in sexual touching of Plaintiff during work hours through an unlawful exercise of his official duties. Defendant State of Oregon also admitted that Defendant Gushwa threatened Plaintiff with job consequences if she did not remain silent about the sexual relationship."

Honestly I can think of nothing scarier than a corrupt district attorney without any morals.  Then again that would be making the assumption that lawyers have morals.  The woman did evidently seek help from the proper agencies but was ignored.  Again who want’s to piss off the DA that can throw you in jail on his own personal whim.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 74

Because being a DA means you get your way or they get thrown in the hot box.

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