Speaking of Puppy Killing Police

Linoge posted a blog yesterday on something a little happier than my average State Sponsored Criminal Count series.  I also know some of my more common readers are wondering if I own stock in Pfizer because the series is doing not so nice things to their blood pressure.

So I came across this and while the starting story is bad, I must say it’s nice to see that the family isn’t getting screwed.

Bandit, a “harmless and gentle dog” that was euthanized after the shooting, never attacked anybody, the family claimed in February.

But that didn’t stop Deputy Sheriff William Vernoski from opening a backyard gate and shooting the pup with a .45-caliber pistol from 10 feet away, according to the suit.

Ends up the cop was serving a 9 year old warrant for the ex-husband who hadn’t lived there for 7 years.  Awesome police work isn’t it, well it gets better!  Ends up he then tried to silence the family by filing a citation claiming the dog escaped and attacked a sheriff.  

Cops hate dogs, there’s no question.  Any time a cop shows up at someone’s house and they have a dog they seem to die.  Even if it’s in it’s carrier and poses no threat to the officer.

Thankfully the judge in this case said the cop isn’t safe from the civil suit.  It’s a small win, but I’ll take it.

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