SSCC #99–Middlesex County

Three boats, a car and an undisclosed amount of money: that’s what Guy Abbot is accused of obtaining illegally while he was employed as Sheriff in Middlesex County.

Abbot received 25 felony indictments handed down from a Middlesex County special grand jury.

Just the type of guy you want enforcing the law right?  Often when people do crap like this you hear about “paid administrative leave” a taxpayer funded vacation however apparently Guy Abbot is a special case.

Abbot was arrested Thursday, but he is already back at work as Sheriff after being released on a personal recognizance bond.

A lot of private companies will fire you just upon being charged with a felony.  If you get a job as a police officer though you can not only keep your job.  Talk about taking a the term “Job Security” to a whole new level.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 99 – Guy Abbot

Because evidently when you’re a cop, 25 felonies translates to keep up the good work.

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