Quote of the Day – Roberta X (10/7/2011)

Take what comfort you can that whichever party is in power, it’s the same shined-up jackboot. And as long as it is only stomping cockroaches, who cares? –At least, who cares until they find themselves defined as a cockroach.* But, damn you, don’t look me in the eye and tell me that it is in any way how the freely elected government of a free country of free men and women operates, ‘cos it ain’t.

Roberta X – Tolja 10/7/2011

[I have mixed feelings about the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.  On the one hand he technically is an enemy combatant.  On the other he’s a US citizen and the decision for his death shouldn’t exactly occur behind closed doors.  It is a slippery slope that many are willing to look past because we all know he was such a bad guy.  Letting things like this slide establishes a precedent that could be very bad.  Especially with how easily and quickly the government is labeling different groups of individuals as potential terrorists.  Roberta nails it on the head, eventually you’re going to be the cockroach.  -B]

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