SSCC #118 – Atlanta Metro

Did you catch that important little detail?  See the video here if it doesn’t appear above.

Hoolihan’s was just one of 12 disturbing complaints filed against Hobbs
over the last five years at the Clayton County Police Department. 

At that rate he must have been going for Officer Roid Rage’s record.  That’s 2 and a half complaints a year and no one thought that maybe this was a clue?

Excessive force is the norm for this guy and he is more than willing to hide behind the law.  The internal affairs department is the watchers watching themselves.  Don’t think that’s really the case?

CBS Atlanta confirmed there has been no disciplinary action taken against Hobbs, and not a single day of suspension for an officer with 58 incidents of use of force. That’s nearly 20 times more often than an average Clayton County police officer had in the same time period.

A man who was in a diabetic coma was beaten by the officer and the internal affairs office ruled it justified.  Harless, the officers from LaGrange, San Antonio, and this guy obviously fit right at home together.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 119 Officer Michael Hobbs

Because the proper behavior is to beat the hell out of someone when they’re passed out.  Who care’s about the actual medical reason, it’s an excuse to beat someone right?

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