Speaking of Productive

So with all those fruit loops running around Wall Street nonproductive because they quit their jobs to be there.  I decided that as usual today was going to be yet another productive day.

Got the house cleaned up, there’s still a few things I need to stash away but I decided to finally start putting some ideas into motion.

I created a Zazzle store.  I’ve only posted up one design idea thus far.  I put it on a coffee mug too.  The wife and I are working on some other design ideas as well.  I’m not the most “graphically gifted”.  I am really good at under the hood type work, but making shiny things people like not so much.

If you’d like to see something a little bit different let me know.  I’m going to continue working on some of my other ideas.

I don’t expect people to throw money towards me without giving something in return.  So I spend my time coming up with goods and services I can exchange for money.  Obviously these dolts are too stupid to figure out that’s how you make money.

There was an article arguing that the dolts were correct because the top one percent has been growing the amount of wealth controlled.  I think the cause of that is there are less people working over all, thus shifting wealth.  If you want to become rich, work your ass off and come up with something world changing.

My wife is working today, I’m working here at home on personal projects.  Yet they’re sitting around on their ass and getting paid to do so.  That’s why I don’t like redistribution of wealth.  It punishes the productive and rewards the lazy.

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