Good Kitty

All I have to say is that this is by far the most awesome cat in the world.  If I was the owner, it would get a steak dinner.

Police in Upper Darby, Penn. (where the crimes took place) have not confirmed the existence of the lion, which our stars—Harley Rose Gifford (left) and Britney Singleton (right)—claim to have encountered in one of the homes they broke into, prompting a very quick turnaround. What has been confirmed, by Gifford and Singleton, is that the women burglarized 29 homes, and stole an impressive variety of stuff:

Given we currently have three cats, and a variety of fish I am not getting any new pets any time soon.  However the wife has informed me that she wants one of these.

File:Serval in Tanzania.jpg

There is a breed that has been mixed with a domestic cat.  They stand about 24 inches at the shoulder.  It’s big enough I could let it outside and teach it to chase yotes.  Considering the Serval can move at about 50 MPH that little shit doesn’t have a prayer.  Currently the have at least one hail Mary because of backstop concerns.

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