SSCC #137 – South Bend PD

The actions of a South Bend police officer during an arrest 18 months ago have led to a federal lawsuit in which 27-year-old Germaine Harris alleges he was falsely arrested, wrongfully imprisoned, and the victim of excessive force.

The claims alone are despicable but what assured his inclusion in the wall of shame is the following.

The lawsuit contends that Robert used excessive force when he threw punches at a handcuffed Harris once the pair arrived at the jail.

Robert later received a 30-day unpaid suspension for striking Harris at the jail. Prosecutors later dismissed all criminal charges against Harris.

Again the local law enforcement refused to take responsibility for reigning in its out of control officer.  Prosecutors refused to punish the officer despite evidence of wrong doing.  Remember, the best way to get away with being a criminal is to be a cop.  This isn’t to say that all cops are criminals, but the record shows that their punishment is much more lax, and are less likely to be held accountable for their actions.  Honestly the reverse should be true considering one leads by example.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 137 – Theo Robert

Because an officer has every right to just enter someones home without warrant, arrest them, and then beat them while handcuffed in jail.  At least that’s what the local prosecutor thinks.

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