SSCC #159 – Montgomery PD

Carpenter searched Jett’s car without a warrant or her consent, the lawsuit states. During the search, he allegedly ordered Jett to pull out her bra and shake out her breasts. He did not seek assistance from a female officer.

The officer has been fired from the department due to an “unrelated” incident of filling his private vehicle using the department credit card.  Because someone corrupt like that could never do the following after the complaint above.

In the search warrant affidavit, Carpenter falsely alleged that he had searched the car and found marijuana on Jett’s passenger, the lawsuit states. Based on the reportedly false find, Higgins granted the search warrant on Pancake’s home without the legal authority to do so, the lawsuit states.

Evidently he wanted to take some of her undergarments from home as well.  For those who might take the complaints as being he said she said, history is on the side of the person filing the complaint.

Carpenter has worked for at least two police departments in the past two years, having been fired from the Charleston Police Department in 2008.

Not to mention the hunting violations that the article goes on to detail that were committed by the officer.  Such a wonderful set of morals and hiring requirements that department has.  

State Sponsored Criminal Count 159: Conrad M. Carpenter

Because when you see someone you like, violate her forth amendment and then frame her for drug possession.  If she acts like she hates you, she’s just putting on a show.

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