SSCC #162 – Sacramento County

At all times Gonsalves knew that Biggers was a sworn officer with the
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and believed that any attempt to defend himself
would result in his own arrest and prosecution.

After verbally berating Gonsalves, and without any provocation or warning,
Biggers sucker-punched Gonsalves in the nose which began bleeding profusely

Now to the officers credit it sounded like this punk needed his bell rung. That said there’s other ways to do it and most certainly unprovoked assault while using your status as a law enforcement officer as protection ranks at an all time low. At least if you’re going to do something like that, provoke him into at least hitting you first.

Seriously this whole incident still just makes me shake my head that an officer would so blatantly and callously commit assault without fear.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 162: Detective Keith Biggers

Because if your a cop, you can take physical corrective action into your own hands.  Cops can’t commit assaults.

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