SSCC #192 – Blue Ash

A Blue Ash police officer, charged by Milford police in April with
operating a vehicle while intoxicated and reckless operation, pleaded
guilty to the latter misdemeanor charge on Monday.

Everyone makes mistakes though, maybe this was his first time and he should get a deal.

The offense occurred while William Fritts, 42, of Miami Township, was
off duty, and was his second reckless operation offense within a year, a
Clermont County Municipal Court worker said. He was sentenced to three
days in jail to be served at a residential intervention program, a
one-year driver’s license suspension (with certain privileges), 80 hours
of community service and $492 in fines and court costs.

Oh so obviously this wasn’t the guys first rodeo.  I’m so glad he’s out there making the streets safer from drunk drivers.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 192: William Fritts

Because someone in law enforcement should hold themselves to decent standards.  Especially with the long speeches of the dangers of drinking and driving.

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