SSCC #197-#199 – Denver PD

The beating by Denver police that left a 16-year-old with a damaged liver and kidney was unusual not for the violence dished out by officers but because the injuries were severe and two of the officers reported the actions of the third, former safety manager Al LaCabe testified Thursday.

As if that wasn’t bad enough though.

Few officers actually engage in the violence, but as long as the injuries aren’t too severe, officers rarely report those who do, LaCabe said.

Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t make you not responsible. Your job as officers isn’t just to cover your buddies ass but to protect the public. That includes those in your custody being investigated for a crime. Initially none of the officers even admitted to the violence. The officer responsible for the injuries was found not guilty by a jury. The three officers were fired though in 2010, no statement as to why, and 2 years after the initial incident.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 197: Chuck Porter

198: Officer Rivera

199: Officer Moerman

Because beating someone in custody is normal, necessary, and most importantly should not be reported.

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