SSCC #204 – Worth County

A former Missouri sheriff was sentenced today to 18 months in federal prison for violating the civil rights of women who he coerced into exposing their breasts or other body parts.

While he was sentenced and has lost his job this honestly isn’t nearly enough given the following.

Some of the women were the victims of domestic violence assault or vehicular accidents, and Groom told them they needed to expose parts of their bodies to document injuries, even when they insisted that they had no injuries to those parts of their bodies, according to Groom’s written plea agreement.

It takes a seriously demented individual to victimize women in that position.  Not only did he do it under the guise of helping the victim, but he conned subordinates into collecting the information even though it served no law enforcement purpose.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 204: Neal Wayne Groom

Because when you victimize someone who’s already a victim, it doesn’t matter.  If they didn’t want to participate they shouldn’t have become a victim.

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