SSCC #208 – Canton OH

This guy was probably buddies with Officer Roid Rage
given it’s the exact same department so color me not shocked on this one folks.

Michael Reese, 42, was arraigned Friday in Municipal Court on one count of domestic violence, a first-degree misdemeanor. Reese pleaded not guilty and was released after signing a $5,000 personal recognizance bond.

What exactly is it thought that he supposedly did though according to the charges?

Reese struck the woman in the back of the head during an argument Sept. 21, according to the court records. Reese also reportedly grabbed the woman’s arm and swung her into a door frame, causing injury to her head and neck area. Reese also pushed the woman over a dining room chair and kicked her several times in the leg, according to court records.

I’m sure this numb nut went home and slept like a baby.  With this incident they at least suspended the officer, however given the history of the department as well as the local political officials
I know why he slept like a baby.  Unless he’s actually convicted where the Lautenberg Amendment
will come into play he’s probably still going to have a job come morning.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #208: Michael Reese

Because when your woman pisses you off the proper response is to beat the crap out of her since nothing will happen to you.  If another officer can threaten to shoot someone and harass them why would anything happen to you?  Especially when he’s on video in three separate instances.

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