Guns, Not Just for 2 Legged Varmints

This is why you carry your guns, even if you’re not worried about varmints of the 2 legged variety.

The Sierra Vista Police Department, assisting the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, and a witness to the incident confirm that the woman was walking her dog in the area of Risner Boulevard and East Central Avenue when she was attacked by no fewer than three dogs.

This has a better ending than it could have otherwise.  People were there attempting to help, but it took someone arriving with a firearm before the attack was stopped.

Gathered around the woman and her dog were several people attempting to fight off a brown boxer and white pit bull, as well as another unidentified brown dog, he said.

“There were like eight people there trying to get these dogs off her,” he said. “By the time I got there, (the dogs) were focused on the victim’s dog, which looked like a heeler.”

Corcoran said he aimed his 45-caliber handgun at the brown dog and fired, hitting the dog, which ran off along with another dog

It took a firearm to actually stop the attack.  As Tam
, “If you don’t have your own pistol, you may have to wait the rest of your life for the police to bring theirs.”  Thankfully for this woman she didn’t have to wait for the police, she just had to wait for a neighbor down the street.  So please, carry your guns people, you could just as easily save the life of someone else as well as your own.  And that predatory varmint may be of the 4 legged variety, not always the 2 legged type.

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  1. Jeffersontom43 says:

    When seconds count, police are only minutes away….