In which someone is probably offended.

For some reason many people get offended by this day or the oh so many other winter holidays.

Well, seriously people grow the fuck up.  I know there’s some scrooges out there, not everyone believes the same things, but we’re all a part of the same race.  When someone says Merry Christmas, they’re being polite and extending a greeting.  If you’re offended by that, well you’re being a dick!  When a Jewish person says, “Happy Haunakah” to me I don’t flip off the handle, I smile and extend the greeting back.

This is my pulpit so I can say whatever the hell I want.  So Merry FUCKING Christmas.  Seriously, you should partake in Dr. Joe’s cure all today, the holiday is a perfect excuse. 

See again, if you’re offended, just grow up and grow some thicker skin.  You may not agree with the way I said it, but you should at least agree with the sentiment.

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