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I’m going to keep an eye on this one for extra updates.  It is a SSCC for these blocks emphasis on the

Saunders was traveling 143 mph
in a 55-mph zone on June 17, 2010, according to the order terminating him,
issued by Manager of Safety Alex Martinez on Dec. 7.

So that’s a serious screw up, enough that had it been any
civilian there would have been serious jail time involved.  DUI and such excessive speeds that it is clearly reckless and beyond just willful negligence.

was driving a friend’s car when he flew past the trooper. He pleaded guilty to
driving while impaired and to reckless driving. An Arapahoe County Court judge sentenced him to five days in jail,
fined him $300 and ordered him to perform 100 hours of community service,
according to court records.

That’s it!?  I passed a car making a poor judgment call because
of weather (snow and slush on a poorly maintained road) and was charged with 2
felonies.  In a plea deal I plead no-lo
on reckless driving and got 160 hours of community service.  My license was suspended for a month and I
still suffer the effects of the 2 felony charges 6 years later.  I made an honest mistake from inexperience,
he got drunk and hopped behind the wheel of a car and did 143 MPH because he
knew he was a cop and felt he was untouchable.  His department fired him as was their right.  Officers of the law should be held to at least the same, but higher standard of conduct.  If you don’t want to be held to a higher standard, don’t become an officer.

Then we see this officer has a history of complaints against him.

An Arapahoe County jury cleared Saunders of felony menacing and weapons charges after an employee of a McDonald’s accused him of pulling a gun when he grew impatient waiting for his food.

It was dismissed, though I have a feeling it wasn’t because the officer actually didn’t do it.  The judge enabled this one more
than the department did but the police union feels that the department should be sponsoring their criminal hires as well.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 227: Derrick Curtis Saunders

Because if you’re anointed, drunk driving is just part of the job, it’s just against the law for all those other peons.  

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