SSCC #229 – Pompton Lakes

When Pompton Lakes police seized Darren Richardson’s car on a rainy September afternoon, they told him it was headed for an impound lot. When they returned it three weeks later, he says, the 2004 BMW belonged in a junk yard.

So the police trashed a car looking for drugs, they must have found a bunch right?  Wrong!

So what did police find after their $12,000 search?

Absolutely nothing.

Every time they searched the car and found nothing, they doubled down on their stupidity and called in another “expert” and another dog to find where to search.  Here’s the thing that bugs me about drug dogs, they are not infallible and they are trained through a reward system to find drugs.  The false positive rate on dogs is actually decently high.  Yet these dumb asses doubled down ever time to the final tune of $12,636.42.  All because initially an officer smelled a strong scent of Mary Jane.

To top it all off it appears this whole incident was caused by “contempt of cop”.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 229: Moises Agosto

Because when you someone starts arguing with you, just make crap up about drugs and then just trash their car.

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