A Security Theater – Veteran Edition

I was sitting across from a Marine tonight and the subject of the TSA came up.  He had this to say.

Nothing confused me or pissed me off more when flying home and we switched to a commercial charter flight off of a military transport.  They went through and made all of us throw away our lighters.  We still had our M16’s and bayonets, but those lighters were mighty dangerous, especially since we could use them to take over the plane.

The saddest thing was, he was dead serious.  Flying back they made everyone toss their lighters for “security reasons”.

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One Response to A Security Theater – Veteran Edition

  1. tcallahan1982 says:

    Thats rich, I thought they were all under federal suspicion!? I wonder if anybody had to give up their fingernail clippers? On the lighter side, can you imagine the look on a hijacker’s face as he’s trying to bust into the cockpit with a corkscrew, and here’s the command, “Fix Bayonets!”