SSCC #238–Seattle PD

Seattle can’t make it one week without getting in the count.

The footage shows two dock workers waiting for work get handcuffed. One is hit with a Taser, and both are arrested by police just because the passenger "lips off" to police.

KOMO News uncovered what the American Civil Liberties Union calls a classic case of "contempt of cop." This type of contact, which starts off as a minor stop and quickly escalates to use of force and arrests, is at the heart of what critics say is wrong with Seattle police.

Don’t worry though.  The officers are protected under qualified immunity.  Go read it, all I have to say is I’m hating the Seattle PD more and more.  I thought I couldn’t hate them anymore, but they keep proving me wrong.  Especially since all they did was give him a reprimand.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 238: John Doe*

Because contempt of cop is punishable by a beating and a Taser.

*If you find his name, tell me.

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