SSCC #260–New York

A police officer’s claim that a Brooklyn man nearly ran him over is undercut by video footage that’s “crystal clear” proof of a false arrest, a defense lawyer charged Friday.

This is why cops hate video cameras.  It’s why they hate people videotaping them.  When they screw up it shows!

Still, the 55-year-old homeowner was cuffed, spent three nights in jail and is now facing up to seven years in prison for reckless endangerment. His wife Irena, 51, was issued summons for disorderly conduct and claims she was punch by the cop off-camera.

Video however shows the complete opposite of the officers sworn statement.  However they would have deleted the video from your phone and charged you with a crime if you had taken video yourself.  Also at the present time the officer involved is not under investigation or on leave.  There also is no pending charges against him.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 260: Officer Diego Palacios

Because when you’re having a boring night, just say someone tried to run you over with a car and arrest them.  What’s the worst that can happen to you, fuck the law abiding citizen.

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