SSCC #261–Houston Texas

A drunk off-duty policeman shot two sober brothers in a bar parking lot, one fatally, as they “were coming to the rescue of a young woman” a drunk patron had punched in the face, the widow claims in Harris County Court.

Unpossible, an anointed one drinking while carrying a pistol, the gun grabbers constantly claim that they are the only one’s responsible enough to carry a firearm.  I’ve drilled into this problem before.

Go read the story.  A couple good Samaritans stepped in to stop a criminal and prevent a woman from being further assaulted.  This drunk police officer not knowing what was going on just shot the two  good Samaritans. 

Nothing has been done to the officer, and the officer was protected in this situation.

The family says Coronado was following “conflicting city policies” when he shot the brothers, “one policy requiring him to carry a firearm and intervene in all conflicts, and another policy prohibiting him from carrying his firearm and intervening after drinking.”

State Sponsored Criminal Count 261: Officer Jose Coronado

Because drinking to excess and carrying a firearm is only a problem if you’re a lowly civilian.  If you’re a law enforcement officer it’s just another way to commit murder and get away with it.

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