Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman (2/23/2012)

Can you imagine the outcry if the government demanded you fill out
the equivalent of a 4473 and undergo a NICS check before purchasing a
printer for your computer, start a blog, or write a letter to the

The Second Amendment deserves as much or more respect than the First Amendment and we need to get that point across.

Joe HuffmanRandom Thought of the Day

February 22, 2012

[Yup, though there is someone right now that is quite upset with me.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind making me fill out paperwork before every blog post.  They feel I’m a detriment to the RKBA community, and overall shouldn’t be blogging.  Where have I heard that before

It is very easy to spot bigotry in the attitudes of people like that.  They want freedom for them, but not for anyone else.  Also as usual they provide a list of insults and problems and don’t actually cite any of it.  -B]

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