Smoke and Thunder Runs Asunder

(Warning, drama llama within.  No links go to only friendly blogs and screenshots.1)

So it was brought to my attention that a particular individual finally followed through on his threat and created a profile on his website for me.  His threat I must say showed his commitment to being a classy member of the gun community.

Your profile will go live today Dick… err Barron

So, I wasn’t sure exactly what I did to get labeled a dick, however I really didn’t care.  Angering a troll to the point he calls me a dick and stomps off, that’s just awesome.  I could care less about the profile, yeah it’s negative, but it just makes him look childish and hurts his credibility, even more so when you consider what happened later.  At this point though I was ready to completely shun him and stop giving the admitted troll attention.

The thing is, the little troll just won’t shut up and there were some things I noticed that raised some serious questions. 

On My Profile

Starting off, the tone and style of my profile was quite familiar.


So if you haven’t seen the profile he made for me, there it is.  I chatted with a friend who happened to have some software which allows him to do writing style comparisons.  He compared the new troll to a particular anti-rights bigot who happens to do a lot of writing.  Over 2500 words with two separate works there was only a 5% difference in style.  So it’s not confirmed they are the same but there is a high probability.

That however is a pretty tenuous link, but lets move further forward with other issues with the Smoke and Thunder Blog2.   Here is my whole profile, including the stuff not shown above, specifically one line from the above with the following line.


First off, I have not found anything on my blog stating I have a concealed weapon permit.  Second, the State of Washington does not release said information and for law enforcement to do so is a crime.  So where does he get the idea I have a permit?  Washington is an open carry state with no permit required to do so.

Second he posted such information in an attempt to shame and intimidate me.  I say shame because lets look at his profile statement for myself.

Popular gun blog rife with spelling and grammatical errors (not to be confused with typographical errors). The author, Barron Barnett, is an internet detective (junior grade), and former class clown. Barron feels *overrun* by all the criminals and not friendly people flooding into state, so he carries a concealed handgun which provides him comfort and warmth.

A note, I was anything but the class clown.  Now look at his negative attitude and stance towards concealed weapons.  I carry one because I’m overrun by criminals?  Umm, try again, I carry one because criminals don’t call ahead.  If you actually would bother to do some research you’ll see that both of my parents had defensive gun uses.  I carry a gun because bad things happen even to good people.  So here we have a classic anti-rights attitude and you will note that the majority of his complaints perpetuate the negative stereotypes.  These same negative stereotypes he claims that he’s above and trying to get rid of.

Third, if you look at the friends page of my profile, for some reason the Admin is my friend.  That’s right, the guy who wrote the scathing profile of myself is claiming to be my friend.  Are you so lonely that  you have to act like Tom from MySpace to make friends?


It is also problematic because as I have not registered my profile.  You are confirming relationships that may or may not in fact be true without my consent.

Classic Anti Gunner Attitude

Then Smoke and Dope does something even better.  Markley’s law proves true yet again.


So yet another classic anti-rights move, doubly so since he claims to be so classy and better than us.

Moving forward we take a look at our anonymous blogger’s2 page.


First, get your booker hook off the bang switch and out of that trigger guard Mr. I’m better than the rest of you.  Yeah, well guess what, even the anointed need to follow the rules.  Next up, you’re whole profile centers around the fact you fired a M110A2, and you center around the fact that it is so large.  Given you Markley’d on Miguel’s profile, I’m figuring this is the same type of effort for yourself.  Especially since you then went and wrote a blog post about it?  After that, we also see under your optional details some hilarity. 


Hmm, we see yet another comment about being an 8-inch howitzer gunner.  But even more telling is that you state that you have no life.  That would explain why you would sit there and troll around the internet.

Doesn’t Like His Own Medicine

Then we arrive at this moment of hilarity today.


So there’s numerous jokes in this one.  First compare the fake profile he made for me and this one.  Whoever did that, seriously it wasn’t me I wish it was, knocked it out of the park.  It was a fair shot considering your behavior and the fact that all you can do to gain members is trash talk them to con them into getting an account to remove the slander.  We made the equivalent review of you and your site, which you claim to be a review site, and your response was not surprising.


How original.  The thing is, Miguel didn’t make the profile and isn’t a pedobear.  Though it appears that the Smoke and Dope admin might very well be.  See, whoever did this had discovered something and put in an extra joke with the profile.  The full report is available here.

Michael Frank filed this action against the City of Manchester and two City officials after he was denied a peddler’s license. His principal federal claim is that the defendants violated his Fourteenth Amendment right to procedural due process by failing to give him a constitutionally adequate post-deprivation hearing. As I explain in greater detail below, Frank’s claim fails because he does not have a protectable property interest in a peddler’s license.


Frank first sought a peddler’s license on May 8, 2009. His application seemed doomed from the start, however, because the certified criminal record he produced with his application included a disqualifying conviction for simple assault.*fn2 Frank attempted to address this difficulty on May 21, when he succeeded in having the assault case dismissed. City officials, however, would not accept the court records showing that the conviction had been dismissed because it remained on his certified criminal record.

Frank’s problems were compounded when Gary Simmons, the assistant police chief and one of the defendants in this case, learned that Frank had two charges of possession of child pornography pending against him in Massachusetts.*fn3 Because of these pending charges, Simmons refused to sign Frank’s application on behalf of the police department.

You then double down on your stupid, blaming me for something that isn’t my fault.  After this comment at Uncles’ place it’s obvious you assumed it was me:

Well well, my comment are getting censored. Barron, your Smoke & Thunder profile will be the last one to be removed when the parody ends. Your crap site and crap bio would make anybody think twice about buying a gun for the first time lest they become like you. You are a true ally to anti-gunners need sites like yours to scare off inquisitive potential new gun owners.

(Screenshot incase uncle pulls it)  Tell me, how do you spell assume?  You can’t do it without making an Ass Out of You and Me.  I don’t care because frankly it doesn’t make me look like an ass, just you.  If you had never posted a profile of me you would have been left alone and that would have been it.  I didn’t post the Pedobear profile, I really wish I had now since I know you’re so upset about it.  Also, whoever you did piss off into doing it, wouldn’t have had that ready made statement to use.


?Mr. Frank?, I blog under my real name, many of the bloggers you berate and attack stand out here in the open unashamed.  You however have done everything you can to conceal your identity.  We found the above thanks to a name and phone number which was disclosed to us by another blogger you had a conversation with.  It is telling though that a man, who would make statements such as yours would do it behind the veil of anonymity.  You do it behind the veil because you know you’re in the wrong.  You are not willing to put your money where your mouth is and just like every anti-rights cultist I’ve ever seen your integrity and credibility is for naught.

If you can prove that you are not the individual above I will strike it.  Until such time though as your identity can be validated, I will have to spread the facts as we can discover them.  It is obvious that you are nothing more than an Anti-Rights troll mascaraing as a gun blogger2.  While you may claim to support gun rights, it’s obvious the most support you give is that of a Fudd.  You state I drive away new shooters, that’s why I’m fielding questions from new shooters on a regular basis.  That’s why friends of friends refer people to me and my blog for help.  That’s why I am regularly either teaching a new shooter or placing a new shooter in contact with another instructor. 

You are at least 10 years older than I am by your profile statement, and you’re saying I’m driving the young people away.  Yet I spend a lot of time helping bring new shooters in, personally.  Most of those new shooters are college undergraduates, age 18-25.  You may be physically older than I am, but obviously you stopped your emotional maturity at some point and it’s not me driving away interest in the shooting sports.  It’s not me  who is acting like a spoiled child and throwing a tantrum.  Know what pisses you off about me?  I don’t give a crap what you think.  You don’t know me, you’ve never met me, and I know that there are hundreds of daily readers who disagree with your statement.  Even more than that, I know that last month I wrote something that the gun culture reverberated with and loved me for.

If I’m such a horrible person, maybe I shouldn’t be spending my own time and money to send coffee over seas to the troops.  Maybe I’m a bad person because instead of just begging people to donate to charity for nonexistent property, like you, instead I put my money where my mouth is and lead by example.

Here I stand, in the open, you know my name, you know my state of residence, all voluntarily.  You however hide behind anonymity, so deep that you cannot easily be found.  In the words of Jeff Cooper: 

Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated, but one thing is sure – any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen.

You sir are wearing the equivalent of a ski mask on the internet.

1 First I don’t want to feed traffic to the troll.  Second the troll wrote tons of insults and didn’t bother to cite his complaints and back them up with fact.  I’m not going to bother providing links, instead I’ll give you screenshots.  That way he can’t destroy it anyway.

2 While he continues to claim he is a social network, the front page and only publically available information without being a member is content produced by the admin.  All of this content is the same type of content you would normally find on a blog.  He has a web site he is using to log his his adventures.  Truthfully if anything he is trying to create another TTAG while trying to get more of the community to do his dirty work instead of hiring writers.  See his video submission post.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

10 Responses to Smoke and Thunder Runs Asunder

  1. So, officially I am at fault for everything that goes wrong with his enterprise? Refreshing!

    And no, I did not do his fake profile. He is pretty much in the Irrelevancy Files as far as I am concerned.

  2. Old_NFO says:

    I’m staying as far away from that drama llama as I can… I’m wondering if he’s the asshat idjit that’s been stalking a few folks lately!

  3. Cemetery's Gun Blob says:

    Smoke and Thunder has never passed the smell test with me. I think it’s a big front, and don’t doubt that it’s a big trolling attempt by anti’s.

    If I’m wrong, then I’ll put on my bib and got to the all you can eat crow buffet.

    • You know? I don’t see him as an Anti. I think he is somebody who got banned from a Gun Forum (or several) for stupid comments and he is in a “I’ll teach them!” rampage.

      •  That is one type of individual I had not considered.  I’m not a forum junky it just doesn’t appeal to me.

        However if said troll acted like this in a bunch of forum and got booted, maybe he would try and start something where “they can’t stop the signal.”

        While we may not be able, we call still point and laugh.  The best part is, just when we think we’re done laughing he goes and doubles down on stupid making it even funnier.

    • Kat3lyn Macintosh says:

      I thnk this pretty much sums it up? /wp-admin/uploads/2012/02/

  4. Agirlandhergun says:

    This is the strangest thing I have ever seen, been a part or , umm, what on earth.. I keep repeating, I have never, ever seen a person try to start a business by attacking the demographic they are after, not have a seen anyone with one ounce of professionalism speak to people the way this person speaks to, well, everyone. It’s crazy odd to say the least.

    • It is crazy, it is odd, and a handful of us are finding ways to be entertained by it.   I really love the profile that someone made for his site.  I’m not kidding when I say it wasn’t me, I know exactly who did it.

      All he has to do is check his logs and he’ll see the IP isn’t out of WA, but instead he prefers to blame me.

      By god I’m going to be blamed for something, I’m going to do something to earn it!  😉

  5. Tango says:

    The Pedobear account is (was?) mine