Mother Nature Is Cruel

Proof that mother nature is a cruel, mean, cold hearted, son of a bitch.

And when she is, she is doing it with pure unadulterated beauty. 

It actually makes sense but it isn’t something I considered before.  Normally with I think of saltwater in the ocean I don’t think of salinity changing so rapidly.  In this case as ice forms the salinity increases (salt water has a lower freezing point), that salt water with a higher salinity is more dense and colder so it begins descending.   The fact that water is colder, below the freezing point of the surrounding water, causes the surrounding water to freeze.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Remember that the next time someone says you should be cuddly with mother nature because frankly, she won’t cuddle you back.  If she could she’d freeze your ass in place for the hell of it.

via Dave(Photographer) at RNS.

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3 Responses to Mother Nature Is Cruel

  1. Justin Custer says:

    I think it’s worse than that.  The world around you doesn’t love you.  The world around you doesn’t hate you.  The world around you just DOESN’T CARE.

  2. Lucusloc says:

    wouldn’t mother nature be just a bitch?  or is it ok to mix genders in this case? /pedantic

    that is a really cool series, even if it does get preachy with the AWG IS KILLING THE PLANET!!!!1!!

    •  Yeah, I thought about that as I wrote it, but the statement just doesn’t flow right.  And Daughter of a Bitch!? That just causes people to lock up.

      Maybe I’m just used to it because people call me a cruel, mean, cold hearted, son of a bitch.

      I’m just used to hearing that insult.

      I do love how global warming is the cause of global cooling though.