It can always be worse…

So, did the USPSA match today.  First stage I did decently well, clipped a no-shoot, saw it an made it up by drilling another Alpha shot.  Nothing worse that a no-shoot is a no-shoot and a miss.

Well I found that though on the next stage some things can be worse.  I walked right past the small low cut port and had 2 failures to engage with 4 misses.  Yeah, “Screwed” and “The Pooch” come to mind.  Moving forward though I did decent on the qualifier I think.  When I ran that second stage in reverse though I made sure to hit those targets.  How easy is it though to miss them I hear you ask.  Almost everyone walked past and had to go back and I wasn’t the only one to have an FTE on them.  But this time I f’d up my reloads.  I’ve been good about dropping mags while on the move and reloading.  Parallel processing baby, when moving I’m not engaging and I can be reloading so I don’t stop my engagement and loose momentum or waste time.  That second run in reverse

The wife took some pictures at the match and I’ll try and get those posted up later.

After Joe, the wife and I all headed out to the Boomershoot site.  The good news is, it all went bang.  Which means we may have a faster means of production and we can try the plastic for a second attempt.

Here’s a lesson on immediate action drills and reloads:

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  1. USPSA photos please!