SSCC #276–Baltimore

Be warned if you have blood pressure problems.

A Baltimore police officer has been suspended for his “conduct” in the aftermath of the shooting of a 13-year-old girl, and after the weapon police suspect was used in the crime was found in his personal vehicle, according to law enforcement sources.

Why would he have the weapon though?

Police investigators believe the off-duty officer, whose name was not released, was in a relationship with a relative of one of the juvenile suspects charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter, sources said. Investigators are trying to determine whether he advised the juveniles after the shooting occurred.

Bet he did it all for the nookie.  No worries about him being found with a murder weapon.  He’s on paid leave pending charges or administrative discipline.  Expect his resignation anytime to avoid the black mark.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 276: Officer John Doe

Because you always aid and abet criminals when the nookie is on the line!

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5 Responses to SSCC #276–Baltimore

  1. Laura says:

    Half the people working in the city jail are gang members.  A significant portion of city police officers are thugs or criminals.  Around here, this is shocking only because the victim was a child.

    I hate Baltimore.

  2. Agirlandhergun says:

    I never really know what to say to these kinds of stories. It’s sick and unbelievably wrong, but that gets kind of old and tiresome.

    • That’s why I only do one a day. The saddest thing is I can easily find a new one everyday. Sometimes its just easier to have a few saved up to save time.

      I was disappointed when it surpassed Jay’s DGC in 6 months.