The TSA is Pointless

So, Joe recently proved how useless the TSA is.  His backpack, which had explosives in it the month before, I was there as he packed it across the frozen tundra, passed screening with flying colors.  We’re not talking GSR here folks, were talking Ammonium Nitrate and Potassium Chlorate with some other fuels.   His other bags which also spend copious amounts of time passed with flying colors as well.

Then tonight Joe posts this wonderful graphic.  Posted here because it’s just that awesome.

TSA Waste
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The TSA is pointless and nothing but a security theater.  Their whole job is to make stupid people think that some how they’re safer while destroying their rights.  All the while figuring out how to steal money from their customers.

Don’t forget about all of these incidents, or the incidents of sexual predators.  Remember though, it’s all for your protection.  If you don’t like them molesting you, your wife, or your children, well too bad they’re the state and can do whatever the hell they want.  I’ve disowned and disassociated from anyone willing to work for the thugs, have you?

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