It’s Always The Little Things

So the replacement part showed up in the mail today.  The first thing I did was print the part so I could make a replacement if necessary.


So if you are someone searching for a Walther P38 Retaining Latch Plunger, there is the schematic diagram and measurements in English units.  Here’s a picture of the the little pain itself.


And as an FYI, that replacement part cost me 10 bucks.  I’ve got it back in the frame and once I stop feeling like I’m going to hack out a lung I’ll finish cleaning the slide.  I will say I much prefer my 1911, M1, and AR15 which I can clean with at most a simple set of punches and the standard rods and brushes.

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2 Responses to It’s Always The Little Things

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Figures… the smaller, the more expensive, and the less available… 🙂

    • Yup, the first few places I tried had springs but no plunger.  Many of the parts kits I found same exact thing, spring no plunger.  I have a feeling I’m not the first one to have made this mistake.  🙂