Hmm, This Could Be Useful

I can think of a few things that this would be handy for.  Especially if you could make it so cheap it’s disposable.

Jumping fences, on top of buildings, getting into places where getting people would be difficult or attract too much attention.  I still prefer the UAV though.  The UAV has even more possibilities, though this little bug does have some interesting prospects from a Red Team point of view.

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2 Responses to Hmm, This Could Be Useful

  1. PT says:

    Is it shooting out compressed air to jump? I want a human sized one that I could ride in.

    • At 11 pounds I don’t think so.  Getting enough energy density without something to channel the air so it’s directed would be a bit difficult.  However you could load a mechanical spring mechanism effectively with gear reduction and then set it free.