Quote of the Day–A Girl and Her Gun (03/30/2012)

You can take the gamble, you can roll the dice, you can lie to yourself, but know this, it’s a mighty dangerous game your playing.  You might want to think about how to stack the deck in your favor.

A Girl and Her GunNot Very Good Odds

March 30,2012

[Sadly she speaks the truth, the odds of you eventually having some sort of encounter with a criminal in your life is not 0.  It’s even worse if you’re of the female gender.  There are numerous things we can do to help decrease the odds, but even then it never reaches 0.  Some times bad things happen to good people and it’s not the fault of something you did or didn’t do.  You’re best bet is to prepare for the possible and do what you can to stack the deck in your favor.  -B]

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day–A Girl and Her Gun (03/30/2012)

  1. John Hardin says:

    …and how many people out there believe it never leaves zero? And vote? On things like gun laws? {fume}