Now I’m 100% Legal…

Laziness has been winning as of late.  The wife’s new license came in yesterday and I’m going to need my wallet one with me for the upcoming jet boat races so I’m finally finished up something in my station.


I’ve had a VHF rig I’ve been borrowing, but my license has been in the filing cabinet.  I even left my wallet one in there too and just had my original call license in my wallet.  I remedied that today and posted both our licenses next to the radio on my desk.  I’m now kosher for the paper pushers.  I also put the updated license in my wallet finally.

There are some things I get very lazy about, dotting my eyes on paperwork or placing papers in a special spot to make people feel good is one of those things*.

*Except if this was a repeater site, I would make sure I had a license on the cabinet with the rest of my contact info.  The desk in my office though, not so much. 

In other news, as recommended by Unc, AirDroid makes life easy.  Grabbing files off the phone is much easier (again lazy wins).

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