The Knack

Via Kevin (Baker not Bacon) comes this awesome heartwarming story.

In this day where over zealous bureaucrats have largely outlawed lemonade stands it’s nice to see at least one kid who has figure out how to flip the bird to “The Man”.  He doesn’t have to worry about being busted on a technicality of a food handlers permit and it’s in his dads business.

Not to mention that kid’s creativity and ingenuity is just down right impressive and awesome.  As they started talking about the claw machine and how he made one from the limited materials he had on hand I realized something.  This kid has “The Knack” and I just hope he continues to foster and grow it.  For those of you who do not know what the knack is I give you Dilbert.

That kid has a fantastic ability to use the material he has on hand to make something that works.  I’m glad he was able to run his arcade for a full and eagerly awaiting crowd and I hope it inspires him to keep working.  Besides the video director was right, who wouldn’t buy a fun pass?  I normally have that kicking around my wallet and would buy one just as an A for effort!

It is also a strong reminder that while new technology, like any other tool, can be used for bad, it can also do some very awesome things that previously would not have been possible.

A big Bravo Zulu to Caine, don’t quit and keep it up.  I expect at some point in the future to hear about some whacky engineer someone works with that claims he made an arcade out of cardboard when he was growing up.  Not only that, but he actually had a large number of people show up to play.  Best part is though, Caine has the video to prove he did it!

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