Quote of the Day: Anonymous – 04/26/2012

Joe: Well we have an ATT microcell at Mecca if you want to call your wife.

Anonymous: I’m good, she wants me to call but the thing is, I’m on vacation.

Anonymous – Dinner Conversation with Boomershoot Staff

[I was going to credit this individual but he seemed to think he would be in some sort of trouble with his significant other.  His justification is he spends all day on the phone doing tech support and his wife wants to talk on the phone with him constantly about nothing.  In other words his wife is wanting him to continue his job without pay. -B]

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One Response to Quote of the Day: Anonymous – 04/26/2012

  1. Old_NFO says:

    LOL, yep you cite him, he gets in trouble… :-)  I’ve worked with folks like that who get 10-20 calls a day from the SO, kinda hard to actually ‘do’ your job…